“Managing your Goals in the Face of Uncertainty” – Nina Tandon

In a recent interview for the Lavin Daily, “You Don’t Have To Be One Thing: Nina Tandon On Pursuing Many Interests,” Nina describes the value in pursuing a variety of interests even when working towards an advanced degree in a specified, technical area. “Don’t worry about being that one thing,” she says.  Nina, who herself has experience in consulting, academia, and industry and other interests such as running marathons and serving as a certified yoga instructor, advocates keeping a variety of doors open throughout your career.  She is a living contradiction to the common misconception that advanced degrees and technical research lead to more limited career opportunities. Nina will share how keeping balance can enhance your performance in each individual area.  Managing the uncertainty of your career path can be daunting at times, and this can make the process to a Ph.D. even more challenging.  Nina will share her story of successfully navigating her very dynamic career.  Her energetic perspective on seeking out new opportunities while successfully reaching your goals is contagious.  Her unique perspective will fiercely inspire you to break down the barriers holding the stigma for pursuing your various interests and seeking out diverse opportunities throughout your career.


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