April 18, 2014



12:00 –1:30

From Academia to Industry Lunch‘N’Learn with Halliburton

Deciding whether to pursue a career in academia or industry after graduate school is a big decision. If you are considering a career in industry, you will need to translate your skills into a format that industry hiring managers will understand. This Lunch N’ Learn will provide insight and tools to help you communicate you are a top candidate and help you land your first job in industry post graduate school. Please RSVP.

Speaker: Candice F. Landry

Candice graduated from Louisiana State University with a B.S. in Microbiology, and pursued her interests in experimental science to receive her Ph.D. at the University Houston in Cellular and Molecular Biology. She earned an MBA with a Finance specialization from Tulane University thereafter, and now works to integrate science technology and business as an Intellectual Patent Liaison forHalliburton. She currently serves as Chair of the Digital Media Committee for the Women’s Energy Network, and as a lead on various Halliburton technology teams.

Location: 106B8 Engineering Hall

April 19, 2014



9:30 – 10:20


Lobby outside Chancellor Ballroom
10:30 – 10:50

Welcome and Introductions

Chancellor Ballroom
11:00 – 12:45

Keynote Brunch

J’Tia Taylor
Be Fearless When Pursuing Your Goals
Chancellor Ballroom
12:55 – 1:40

Session Talks 1

Eileen Velez-­Vega

Learn How to Talk Their Talk
Quad Room
Rebecca Kramer

Getting the Most Out of Your 
Advanced Degree
Technology Room
1:50 – 2:35

Session Talks 2

Njema Frazier
It Doesn’t Take a Rocket
Scientist: Succeeding in Non-
Traditional Careers
Quad Room
Melissa Kaczmarczyk
The Importance of Being
Connected: Navigating a Large
Technology Room
2:45 – 3:30

Breakout Sessions

Chancellor Ballroom
3:40 – 4:25

Session Talks 3

Alexis Thompson
The Other Side of
– Service Jobs
Quad room
Joanne Manaster
Your Path
Technology Room
4:35 – 5:15

Social Hour

Lobby outside Chancellor Ballroom
5:20 – 6:45

Keynote Dinner

Stacey DelVecchio
Learning to Embrace Leadership – Everyday to SWE President
Chancellor Ballroom
6:45 – 7:00

Closing Remarks

Chancellor Ballroom