Learning to Embrace Leadership – Everyday to SWE President

Stacey DelVecchio

Would you consider yourself a leader? The word “leader” is sometimes associated with daunting expectations. Being a leader can mean many things— something as simple as organizing a group project to something as powerful as making a positive impact on the lives of others. For the first keynote of weSTEM 2014, Stacey DelVecchio, currently serving as the President of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at the society level, will discuss how she has embraced leadership opportunities throughout her career at Caterpillar and within the SWE. In her more than 25 years at Caterpillar, Stacey has navigated through various roles, learning valuable skills that have helped her become a leader in both industry and SWE, an international nonprofit organization comprised of nearly 26,000 members. Learn to follow your gut, embrace change and be a leader in all facets of your career.

Be Fearless When Pursuing Your Goals

J’Tia Taylor

Ever feel that you are not qualified enough for a job or doubt the quality of your work? While pursuing her masters degree, J’Tia realized that she was second guessing herself for no apparent reason and inadvertently holding herself back as a result. Once she realized she was the only one standing in her way, she challenged herself to be fearless through difficult situations. Immediately, she noticed a difference in both her productivity and attitude. She no longer spent time questioning her abilities but rather became confident in her work. In the second keynote of weSTEM 2014, J’Tia will share how being fearless helped her succeed in her professional and personal life, allowing her to embrace new adventures. Once you start opening doors for yourself instead of shutting down opportunities, you become more self-confident, strong enough to outlast any challenge you face.